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(Reposted/ April 12,  20…) April 12, (year intentionally left blank) Today on my 61st birthday, I choose to be alone. I retreat to a cabin, deep in the North Georgia mountains wilderness. To contemplate the meaning of life. To contemplate the … Continue reading

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footwear friday – vote early, vote often

Vote for you favorite footwear! At the recent Southeastern Writers Conference, Saint Simons, Ga., your intrepid former fashion reporter did an impromptu survey of summer comfort and fashion shoes. Check out these lovely ladies and (one man) pedicures and all. TOP: … Continue reading

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THE JOYS OF UNEMPLOYMENT – with added video content!!!

THE JOYS OF UNEMPLOYMENT – with added video content!!!.

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THE JOYS OF UNEMPLOYMENT – with added video content!!!

HOW I LEARNED TO STOP WORRYING AND LOVE THE BOMB  To: “Aging” Baby Boomers, still gainfully employed. From: “Aging” Baby Boomer, jobless, no prospects Re: Effective immediately: Embrace your inevitable lay-off AGE, UNEMPLOYMENT AND OXYMORONS The Sixties’ adage – “don’t … Continue reading

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So, I’m have depression – Chronic. Clinical. Diagnosed. No-joke hideous, insidious crippling depression. I’m supposed to say “I HAVE depression, but I am NOT my depression. I’m grateful for my depression – it is my greatest teacher.”  So, I just said … Continue reading

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At The Atlanta Writers Conference, strife, confusion and downright frustration were recurring themes that apply not only to writers, but also to human beings, even the seemingly normal ones.   “When do I get off this merry-go-round?” said one attendee … Continue reading

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LOVE/LICE/LIFE LESSONS: Blood sucking parasite heals lousy relationship

Lyn De-Lousing Savannah “I called Suicide Prevention and they put me on hold” – Rodney Dangerfield This is no joke if it happens to you, my friends. Three times I called the Crisis Hotline and three times, they denied me … Continue reading

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THE END OF AN ERROR – LORETTA STIKES BACK Above – Collapse after news of JoJo’s ungodly betrayal  By Loretta Martin, (as told to georgialeesays)  In our last segment, Sweet Loretta, by phone call from Lisa, a bewildered stranger,  learned … Continue reading

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APRIL FOOLS               By Sweet Loretta Martin (as told to georgialeeesays) Note: The following is a work of fiction, with composite characters, names and situations, changed to protect the guilty.  “If you love someone, … Continue reading

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 “Cursing USA” pt. one   I hate cursing. I fucking HATE it! As an only child of educators, all through the house, not a curse word was heard, not even a “damn.” My family is Southern as sweet iced tea, … Continue reading

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