My Parents’ Wedding Day

Emmett and Frances Lee
would have been married 72 years today

By Georgia Lee ( From “A Father’s Legacy – Your life story in your own words”) Dad’s journal.
Journal Prompt: Tell me about your wedding day. What Happened? How did you feel? Were you nervous, scared, Happy?

GOOD LORD! Again, you ask such personal questions. Ok – Wartime, remember? Propose one day, get married the next. Leave several days later. July 10 – Wedding day. I bought a wedding band for $20 bucks. Engagement ring couldn’t be afforded and wasn’t necessary since the engagement was less than one day. “Less get married.” “Where?” The Social Room of college. During the ceremony, a violent storm blew the flowers down. Omen?

After the wedding, we went to a photographer for a picture. It was the worst picture ever made. Looked like my mouth fell off, so the photographer drew one in. We boarded a Greyhound bus for a one-day honeymoon in Montgomery. No rooms at the main hotels. We found a place – The Dexter Hotel. They had no single rooms and were about to send us away, when a woman clerk said to Mom – “Are you a BRIDE?” We got a room with five beds in it. The clerk said “You don’t have to sleep in all the beds.”


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2 Responses to My Parents’ Wedding Day

  1. Ed and Linda says:

    Great photo and great memory! My parents were married on 9/15/1950 in St.Louis by a Justice of the Peace. Lasted 43 years until dad died. They were from a small town, Saltsburg, Pa.. He was a twin and she was a twin and they had been childhood sweethearts since 1st grade. When he died in 1993…she died too…we just didn’t bury her til 2003. They were bookends…joined at the hip…and I know this sounds cold, but I wish they had gone to Jesus together…they held a special bond few ever experience…I miss them so.

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