Extravagance is Good!!


So, I’m have depression – Chronic. Clinical. Diagnosed. No-joke hideous, insidious crippling depression.

I’m supposed to say “I HAVE depression, but I am NOT my depression. I’m grateful for my depression – it is my greatest teacher.”  So, I just said it. Did it help? Not really.

I am trying – any and everything – from SAD light therapy to herbal and pharmaceutical remedies,  my usual prayer and meditation, yoga, moon rituals and spell casting to alleviate this. There are times I consider Electric Shock Therapy and institutionalizing myself. Is it working? Sometimes. I win a few battles, but the war drags on.

I love John Lennon. He comforts me. ” I need a fix ’cause I’m goin’ down.” “Yes, I’m lonely. Wanna DIE”  “The eagle pick my eye, the worm he lick my bone.” “Feel so suicidal, even hate my rock ‘n roll,”  and so forth. That’s down, my friends. Believe it.

As a yoga teacher, I should stay on a spiritual path, for credibility’s sake. The Buddha said – craving and desire/fear and aversion are the causes of suffering. I love the Buddha almost as much as John Lennon. I eschew – eschew! wretched excess, commercialism, corporate-personhood and excess consumption that has our country teetering, like the Roman Empire before the fall.

But a mood swing every six minutes can cause extreme, paradoxical behavior.

I have one word for you. – NORDSTROM.  Sometimes you just gotta go out and drop a few grand, just to feel better.

In my defense, I unselfishly bought birthday gifts (boots, leather jacket) for my daughter.

But I also bought boots, a Marc Jacobs handbag and a bracelet for myself.

And guess what? I feel better. All things in moderation, including moderation.

– Georgia


About georgialeesays

Award-winning journalist, editor and writer of multiple genres. Former Bureau Chief, Womens Wear Daily and W magazine. Past director, Ivy Hall, The SCAD Atlanta writing center. Vice President, programming for Atlanta Writers Club. Freelance writer/editor of every subject in the known universe. Lover of clean, clear writing -"It is my ambition to say in ten sentences what others say in a whole book." - Nietzsche. I teach yoga, meditation, in retreat settings. Seeker of truth and transcendence. Reincarnation of Edgar Allen Poe. "Life is but a dream within a dream within a dream" Write. Create. Learn. Dance. Yoga. Sleep. Dream.
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  1. Ed and Linda says:

    Depression is a four letter word…but it can be dealt with. Glad you recognize it and are seeking remedies. Whatever therapy you find that works…go with it…we want you to be happy!


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